Mental Health Resources available in San Diego, CA

How We Can Help

During the pandemic, scientific evidence has shown that discussion groups work! Discussion groups support individuals to build more positive relationships, better habits, greater capacity to cope with craving and more productive and meaningful lives for the long run. With the right resources, and some commitment from you, we can help find that better life you have been seeking!

Mental Illness Can Be Very Difficult to Manage and Those Afflicted Often Find It Embarrassing to Discuss With Loved Ones. However, Secrets Grow in the Dark and Die in the Light of Exposure.

Finding safe and confidential resources could be the first step in getting critical help towards healing and finding peace and acceptance with mental illness.

There are many proven therapies available for mental and behavioral health challenges. Support groups, psychotherapy, psychiatry and medication are some of the methods used to help manage the sometimes-debilitating agony of mental illness. Mental illness is not prejudice and can be the reality for all people regardless of social economic status, religion, age, race, or sexual identity. The good news is neither is treatment prejudice. San Diego has a wealth of resources for all persons.

In today’s modern world, there are many more resources than just a few years ago. Psychotherapy can be performed by video chat or on a personal phone anytime, anywhere. San Diego in Recovery can help you get to these resources utilizing federal, state, and county funding and or programs that provide critical support with mental illness. Working with an individual’s Primary Care Provider and insurance companies often can provide the most expedient path to finding solutions and healing. If you’re struggling with mental health or need help caring for a family member, please reach out to our resource staff. No one must live in fear and pain. There is a solution to make life more comfortable.