Homelessness Resources available in San Diego, CA

How We Can Help

If you are homeless, you have come to the right place! We have done all the research for you and have the resources to help. We can provide information for housing, sober living, supplemental programs, free food, and transportation needs.

Regardless of Circumstance, Being Homeless Can Be Scary, Embarrassing and Unsafe. If You are Homeless and Looking for Solutions Please Contact Us Before It Gets Worse.

Living this way has a dramatic impact on one’s self confidence, integrity and capabilities to be productive in today’s society. There are over 5000 homeless people in San Diego that in one way or another affects all of San Diego. Working together as a community can heal these challenges to ensure all San Diegans have reasonable options for shelter, safety, healthcare, and food.

San Diego in Recovery can help those struggling using an array of outreach, shelter, storage, and food resources. Spending time with staff to help determine the extent of everyone’s needs, we can use our resource development team to meet those needs in a timely and effective manner. No one should have to be cold, hungry, and afraid.

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