Our Mission Statement

As a database resource center, our mission is to provide a gateway to recovery for those struggling with mental and physical challenges related to substance abuse/addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. San Diego in Recovery dedicates all available resources to researching, collating, and providing current, relevant, and helpful information to affected San Diego and other local community residents.

San Diego Resources

Resources available for individuals with drug or alcohol addiction, those struggling while homeless, mental health issues, single parenting, and also provide services for battered women and the disabled.

Classes & Programs

Information on programs for rehabilitation, homes, sober living, outpatient programs, yoga & meditation, housing, free food, therapy, parenting classes, DSP services, relapse prevention, and in house AA & NA meetings

In Person or Online

We are able to provide our addiction and recovery services in person at our local San Diego offices, or we care happy to meet online to help with your needs.

Transportation Needs

If you do not have transportation available, we will pick you. We will gladly pick you up to take you to your appointments, meetings, to get groceries, etc.


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